ColdGold Heat Reflective Tape

ColdGold™ Heat Reflective Tape is used in a variety of applications to reflect high levels of radiant heat that can be harmful to product components and people.  Most commonly used in the high level racing industry, it often enhances the performance of the products it is applied to.  It is a very versatile product and can be cut to the custom sizes and shapes your applications requires.  Our ColdGold™ tape is available in silicone or acrylic adhesives and lightweight or high strength construction to meet your specific demands. Cold Gold offers durable construction that is easy to cut and install.


Light Weight Tape High Strength Tape
Tensile Strength 25 lbs./inch width 125 lbs./ inch width
Adhesion to Stainless Steel 80 oz./inch width 40 ox./inch width
Thickness 3 mils 8 mils
Elongation 50% 2%
Service Temperature Range* -100°F to 500°F  -100°F to 500°F
Emittance ≤.040 ≤.040
Absorptance ≤0.14 ≤0.14
Metallization 99.99% pure aluminum 99.99% pure aluminum
Weight <3 oz./yd² 14 oz./yd²

* A minimum of 8 hours without delamination or pressure sensitive adhesive failure

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