12"x24" (sheet) Lightweight ColdGold Heat Reflective Tape

Part Number: CG25-SA
Adhesive Type: High temperature silicone adhesive
Total Thickness: 3 mil
Peel Adhesion: 80 oz/inch width
Elongation: 50%
Tensile Strength: 25 psi
Weight: less than 3 oz/ sq yd 
Radiant Heat Temperature: 675°F for a minimum of 8 hours
Liner Construction: Clear Polyester Liner
Color: Gold
Custom Sizes Available 

Lightweight heat reflective tape is sleek in thickness and smooth in appearance. It is particularly valuable in weight critical applications where high heat reflection is necessary. When applied to automobiles, it reflects radiant heat away from the driver, sensitive parts under the hood, behind the dash, and keeps the turbo charger intake cool.

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