2" Black/Yellow Hazard Stripe Grit Stop Anti-Slip Tape

Collections: Anti-Slip Tapes

Category: Anti-Slip Tapes

Type: Anti-Slip Tapes

Price Per Roll:

Rolls per Case: Min. Rolls Order: < 1 Case: 1 - 4 Cases: 5 - 9 Cases: 10+ Cases:
6 2 $35.92 $34.85

Part Number: TW8817

Product Description: 2" x 60 FT rolls of mineral abrasive grit-coated polyester film which will provide maximum traction. Pressure-sensitive adhesive backing designed for both interior and exterior applications. Designed to exceed OSHA and ADA recommendations for slip resistance.


The information on this data sheet is true to the best of our knowledge. Since the condition, during the use of this product, can vary greatly we recommend the user test the product for their specific application.

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