From rockets to scrap books, Tapeworks offers engineered tape and adhesive solutions for an array of market applications. We understand the requirements of the many markets adhesive tapes are used in.  Please call us to discuss your particular market needs.



Construction Tape
Window protection films, carpet protection tapes, stucco tape, masking tape or HVAC foils, any tape product used by the construction trades.
Aerospace Tape Aluminum foil tapes for paint stripping, Fire retardant tapes for interiors, Kapton or PTFE for abrasion resistance and many more we can provide the right product.
Automotive Tape Tape and protective films for automotive accessories, OEMS, and aftermarket applications.  Fineline masking tapes and high temperature masking tapes. Color coding tapes for easy part identification.
Entertainment Tape Use gaffer's tape to mark aisles, color code film canisters, and much more.
Optical Tape Transparent adhesive tapes preserve and protect optical lenses. Lens edging pads.
Beauty and Fashion Hold your clothes in place with beauty and fashion tape, Flash tape with hypoallergenic adhesive.
Industrial Adhesive and tape products that help you protect, bundle, shield, splice, and reinforce everything from a box to a pallet.
Packaging A full line of tape packaging supplies and tapes for businesses of all varieties.
Sports Athletic tape supplies include non-elastic, stretch, and prewrap tapes.
Plasma Spray Hi temperature glass cloth tape protects from plasma spray.
Crafts Crepe paper tape is suited for crafts, mounting nameplates, and general bonding.
Electrical UL and CSA approved electrical tape is resistant to sun, water, oil, acids, alkalis, and other corrosive materials.  Tapes to meet Mil I 631G, Type F or Type G.
Electronic Kapton and polyester insulation and finger mask tapes.
EMI/RFI Shielding Aluminum and Copper Foil tapes with conductive adhesive for shielding electronic componnents.
HVAC Tape Foil tape is useful in duct sealing applications to keep dust and dirt out.