Tapeworks engineers custom tape products that solve your construction, manufacturing, design, or fabrication problems. If you have a unique or challenging packaging, dispenser, die cutting, printing, or lamination problem, contact Tapeworks for a custom tape solution.


Contract Tape Converting

We convert our materials, your materials, or a combination thereof.

Custom Tape Products

We can help you create a unique tape product with your choice of coating, lamination, width and length.


Tapeworks can laminate tapes to liners, films to foils, and paper to foils.

Tape Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting equipment allows us to cut large quantities of products quickly, precisely, and efficiently.

Tape Packaging

We provide tape on 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch and 3 inch I.D. cores - paper or plastic. We will bubble pack, bag, auto bag, heat shrink, or shrink-wrap your product.

Tape Printing
(2 color)

Printed tapes can be used as inexpensive advertising as inventory tags, product labels, and various other applications.
Tape Slitting Depending on product and use, we use several tape slitting methods; the most common slitting methods are rewind and single knife/lathe.