Tapeworks leverages more than 50 years of experience in the industrial pressure sensitive adhesive market to deliver creative, engineered tape solutions for a variety of applications.

Splicing Tape Tapes for splicing silicone release paper splicing tapes, available in several colors. one and 2 mil polyester with high tack silicone adhesive.

Double coated tissues and films used for lap splices and in web processing. 
Electrical Insulation Tape Electrical insulation tape, UL approved, can also be used for color coding and bundling.
EMI/RFI Shielding Tape Aluminum and Copper foil tapes with non-conductive and conductive adhesives to shield electronic components for electro-magnetic interference.
Labels One and two color, custom printed labels for inventory, warning or product labels. Film, paper and foil label stocks.  Custom size blank thermal labels.
Lint Rollers Lint rollers pick up lint, fuzz, pet hair, and other debris that stick to clothes and furniture. Lint rollers can be private branded and specialty packaged.
Surface Protection Tape Clean removal tapes for protecting any surface from carpet to automotive hoods.  Polyethylene film, paper with adhesives made to remove cleanly.
Electronic Tape Kapton finger mask and wave solder tapes. Polyester tapes used insulating in coil winding.
Masking Tape Creped paper masking tapes, long term masking or "Blue" mask, economical tapes for bundling and holding.
High Temperature Masking Tape Premium high temperature masking tape offers a good quick stick to provide excellent cornering and clean removal prior to the oven bake cycle.
Color Coding Tape Vinyl and paper color coding tape help identify and track items. It can be used to mark hazardous areas to comply with OSHA requirements.
Electroplating Tape Electroplating tape protects metal surfaces from acids, chemicals, and extreme temperatures that may occur during electrolysis.
Bag Sealing Tape UPVC tape for use in bag sealing dispensers to secures bags.
Printed Carton Sealing Tape Printed carton sealing tape to secure boxes with inexpensive advertising or for use as a tamper evident tape.
Release Surfaces Tape UHMW and TFE tapes used as release surfaces for chemical and abrasion resistance. Used on heat sealing equipment and production conveyors.
Mil Spec Tapes Mil spec harness wrap tape meets MIL-I-631D, Type F, Form S or Ts, Grade A, Class I specifications. Polyester tapes to meet Mil I 15126, Mil I 23594, Mil I 24391 and many others.