MACHBLOC™ HVOF Masking Compound Demo


MACHBLOC™, in the uncured state, is a soft, conformable putty-like material for masking parts when HVOF spraying.  Simply apply the putty to the area which needs protection. Trim any excess MACHBLOC™ from the piece and cure for approximately 30 minutes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This time may vary due to the size of the part. After MACHBLOC™ is cured, the part may be cleaned by grit blasting.


Once cured (@250F for 25 minutes) MACHBLOC™ becomes a strong abrasion resistant mask allowing users to take full advantage of HVOF coating technology. Normal adjustments to the number, speed, and standoff distance of the passes may be required to achieve the desired coating results.


MACHBLOC™ is easily removed by breaking the bond it has made with the part.  The high internal strength of the putty allows it to be removed cleanly.  Any small bits of residue can be removed mechanically with a knife or stiff brush. MACHBLOC™ can also be removed from holes or other hard to access areas by heating the part to 1000 degrees F and oxidizing the putty.  Once oxidized it becomes a non-toxic white powder which can be easily blown or washed away.