2"x5/32"x6' (ribbon) MACHBLOC™ HVOF Masking Compound

Part Number: MACHBLOC200156
Maximum Temperature: 625 F degrees
Cure Cycle: 25 minutes @ 250 F
Density: 50 lbs/cubic ft
Free Chlorides: < 1 PPM
Free Halogens: < 1 PPM
Cured Tensile Strength (3 mm thick): 6.9 MPa
Hardness (Shore A): 55 Degrees
Shelf Life: 6 months @ 72 F in sealed container

MACHBLOC™ HVOF masking compound was developed to withstand the rigors of the HVOF plasma spray environment. MACHBLOC™, in the uncured state, is a soft, conformable putty-like material. MACHBLOC™ is great for masking holes, grooves, key slots or any unique configuration for both plasma spray and HVOF processes. Once cured MACHBLOC™ becomes a strong, abrasion-resistant mask allowing users to take full advantage of HVOF coating technology.

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