Supply Security

I always heard stories from my parents about food and gas rationing during World War II. Shortages were not seen as an unusual occurrence, especially after the Depression. Fast forward to the years prior to the pandemic, and Amazon, Uline, McMaster-Carr, and many other companies set the expectation that someone could order product online one day and have it delivered the very next day.

As we come out of the pandemic and see the effects that a war in Europe and at home political discord can have on the supply chain, companies must re-learn how to resource plan to allot enough time for purchases to arrive.

One way that Tapeworks has worked to reduce turnaround time is look for domestic sources for supply. Products made in the United States and closer to home reduce the number of variables that may cause a delay in receiving the products we need to produce orders for our customers. By shopping domestically first, we can avoid the delays at ports, the changing tariffs, and international disagreements that all play a role in keeping source materials from arriving.

There are many great companies making tapes here in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They can supply us with almost every requirement of our customers.

Some tapes we suggest using include:

Not sure what tape you should order? Ask us to source the tapes you use with a domestic supplier to make sure you get the Tape that Works.

Pro Tip: Find a domestic source for your tapes. When things get tight your supply will be more secure.

Randy Emmons
Randy Emmons