Foam Tapes Fill the Gap

Foam Tapes Uses and Applications

Foam tapes are used to manufacture everything from cars and trucks to eyeglasses and electronics. They’re also used extensively for medical applications and acoustics.

Foam tapes have a complex set of characteristics, so we’ll cover them here. As always, we are happy to talk with you to identify the right foam tape for your application.

Single or Double Faced

Single-faced foam tapes are commonly used for gasketing, sealing, and padding while double-faced foam tapes do tasks like mounting, fastening and temporary holding.

Foam Materials

Foams used for tapes can be made from polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polyurethane, or acrylic foams. When choosing the foam, you will want to consider cost, density, internal strength, thickness, and possibly color.


Foams tapes can be coated with adhesives that suit your specific application requirement. The only exception is acrylic foams, in which the adhesive characteristics are an integral part of the foam itself.

Give us a call to discuss the pros and cons of these foam tapes. Whatever characteristic you are looking for you can be certain that Tapeworks.



If you’re unsure which characteristics you need, conduct real world testing to see which tape performs best for your application in your environment.


Randy Emmons
Randy Emmons