Tape Keeps Our Favorite Sports in Motion

Tapes are for everyone. Even our specialty tapes aren’t reserved for businesses. In reality, tapes hold it together to keep your favorite athletes moving – and we’re not talking about injury-focused kinesiology tape.

 Here’s how athletes use different tapes in their respective sports:


  1. Lead foil tape balances tennis and pickleball rackets. It’s also used to weight golf clubs, which have grips held in place by double-faced paper tape.

  2. Hockey players cover their sticks in cloth tape and use it to hold their socks up. In the same fashion, soccer players apply it to their socks and cleats.

  3. Bowlers place die cut tapes inside the finger holes of their bowling balls to change the surface characteristics. Some prefer smooth tapes while others use textured.

  4. Racers – in both cars and boats – apply cloth tape to their vehicles for quick repairs and temporary seals. Foil tapes are also used to keep heat away from places that need to remain cooler.

If you play a sport, we have a tape that can help you swing more accurately, kick straighter, move faster, or keep cooler…because Tapeworks!


If you’re not familiar with tape uses in sports, don’t go to just any retailer. Find someone who knows the specialty applications of tapes in your sport.

Randy Emmons
Randy Emmons