Using Polyurethane Tape to Change and Protect Your Surfaces

If you’ve been following our monthly newsletters, you know we’re amazed by the transformative powers of tape. It can change surface characteristics with a simple thin layer. One of our most durable and conformable film tapes is polyurethane. This tape has powerful abrasion- and tear-resistant properties and is made with rubber or acrylic adhesive.

Polyurethane tape’s strong, yet adaptable nature makes it perfect for protecting edges. It was originally developed and used to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades, then extended to do the same thing for aircraft wings. In industrial applications, it protects surfaces during shot peening.

Today, we use it for practical, everyday life applications:

Paddle Boards: Paddle boarders use polyurethane tape on the edges of their boards to prevent the paddle from scrapping and creating costly or irreparable damages to the board.

Mountain Bikes: To protect their bikes from harmful sticks, briars, rocks, and anything else out on the trail, mountain bikers wrap the frames of their bikes with polyurethane tape.

Vehicles: We’ve all cringed from the sound of gravel hitting the front end of our vehicles. If you’re lucky, your vehicle’s paint is protected with a clear, thin layer of this durable tape.

Polyurethane tapes are available in several thicknesses and can be die cut to align exactly with any surface shape or size. Plus, you can order it with permanent or removable adhesive to match the needs of your application.


          PRO TIP:

The applications for polyurethane tape are limitless, but every surface is unique. Talk to an experienced tape manufacturer to discuss your needs and decide on durability, size, and adhesive type.

Randy Emmons
Randy Emmons